Hi there! My name is Anababy and I have NO hair. Nope, I don’t even have the tiniest bit of peach fuzz. Yet, I’m still so MAGICAL because...despite all of my imperfections, my true purpose is to build positive connections. 

Let me explain...
you see, my little feet are actually different sizes, but this has NEVER stopped me from being full of surprises. I EVEN have LOPSIDED ears.  Oddly, coping with this imperfection has helped me to conquer some silly fears! 

To top it all off, I wear a frayed little bow. The truth is, my creator can barely even sew.  And since I’ve already mentioned my lopsided ears, frayed bow, and nonexistent hair, I’m just gonna get REAL honest and put it ALL out there... 

Most days, I can’t stand on my own two feet.  Yet, I pray you’ll still love me for the messages I bring that are so sweet.  It’s true that I am absolutely huggable, but my creator says it’s all my little imperfections that make me so lovable!

I was created as an imperfect doll, to deliver messages of love and kindness; the GREATEST GIFTS of ALL!

Love, Anababy ®

Meet My Little Pals





Hi there! I’m Hope and I love helping Anababy deliver envelopes.

Hi there! I’m Baby and I march to my own little beats. Sometimes when I feel insignificant, Anababy creates a message for me that’s so sweet!

Hi there! I’m Ally and I often struggle with fear. Anababy creates lots and lots of messages just for me to hear. Anababy’s messages fill my heart with cheer.  

Hi there! I’m Molly and I absolutely adore you! I have a rare heart condition. Anababy’s messages cheer me up when I feel blue.